About Us

Meet owner Jeanine, a Dallas native with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the University of North Texas. As a young child she's always been drawn to fashion and knew that she had a calling to the industry. Jeanine believes fashion is a non-verbal way to express yourself and takes pride in having a versatile style range from bohemian, retro, and urban, to modern, classic, and chic.

After the passing of her mother, from stomach cancer in 2015, she strongly wanted to keep her legacy alive. "Lovely PUSH" was her mother's nickname on social media. Lovely is what she preferred to be called as a grandmother and P.U.S.H is not only an acronym, but also what she taught her family "Pray Until Something Happens." Jeanine was raised to value Christian principles and continues to hold true to those values instilled in her. So she's always been about Faith and Fashion giving all Glory to God for every opportunity. 

Jeanine's older sister Shammara had the same idea to carry on their mother's legacy and launched her own company Lovely PUSH Cleaning Services back in 2016. This is also what inspired Jeanine to become an entrepreneur in honor of their mother. Not only did the family lose their mother to stomach cancer, but their maternal grandmother also passed from this disease. This is why Lovely P.U.S.H Boutique has decided to donate 5% of ALL sales to the charity organization Hope  for Stomach Cancer. This is to provide support, resources, and awareness to those affected by stomach cancer. Through research, early detection, and prevention, they're goal is to serve the stomach cancer community helping to save lives and hoping to find a cure.

Lovely P.U.S.H Boutique takes pride in servicing our customers not only with clothing products, but also with styling. Visit our Styling Page to see more about the styling services we offer. We hope that you find your experience enjoyable with us and please remember to stay connected by following us on our social media channels!







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